”Vibrationsfritt” med CGI

Då går det t om  att flyga med en standard aluminiumpropeller. Detta är bara början mina vänner. Det skadar dock inte att reflektera över de små volymerna det är tal om inom flygmotortillverkning. Detta kommer aldrig att bli annat är en förbannat god referens.

Inte illa det.


Among the major technical milestones achieved recently are the testing and calibration of EPS-designed turbochargers; positive results of heat rejection tests; high altitude (10,000 – 15,000 ft MSL) operation and re-starts, at Lake County Airport, and in Mount Evans Colorado, on the company’s mobile test stand; vibration testing with Hartzell aluminum propeller blades; the prototype design/analysis/manufacture of steel pistons; horsepower increases to more than 400 hp; and the prototype design of compacted graphite iron engine crankcase blocks.

Important to the design of the ‘Vision 350’ diesel engine is its unique ability to accept aluminum propellers. Powering a Hartzell aluminum ‘scimitar’ prop of 78-inch diameter, the EPS diesel produced very low vibration throughout its full RPM range. No other diesel aero engine can turn an aluminum prop without the possibility of random catastrophic failure due to blade fatigue.



Och detta passar med den följande som ”hand i handske”


POSTED ON OCT – 24 – 2014
“We currently work with a number of high-profile aerospace organisations, delivering groundbreaking projects and innovative next-generation solutions to customers across the globe. The UK is beginning to lead the way in aerospace technology and we believe funding projects, such as Sharing in Growth, will help to develop the sector further.”
En av flera tillverkares hemsida med CGI i blocket.