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Duramax 6.6 l V8 med klassledande effekt avslöjad, inte CGI, utan än så länge med vanligt induktionshärdat gråjärn

NYTT den 10 okt. Hoppet stiger helt plötsligen för ett Block i CGI i denna

Gjuteriet i Defiance har sedan starten av Duramax 6.6 försett GM med gråjärnsblock.

Nu annonserar GM att blockproduktionen i gråjärn skall läggas ner vid fabriken och de säger upp 135 pers.


från 2006


In 2006, the plant produced 1,423,368 grey iron engine blocks, 1,078,497 grey iron cylinder heads,


General Motors plans cuts at Defiance foundry

Certain iron parts to be phased out; 150 jobs will be lost

GM previously announced plans to stop making cast-iron engine blocks and cylinder heads at the Defiance foundry


That move was expected to lead to the loss of about 135 jobs


What´s next for GM and their Duramax 6.6?

We are now hearing that the Defiance foundry is soon ending with greyiron blocks. From were


from GM



NYTT den 29 sept.


Detta blev inte CGI…………… i vart fall inte än.


Duramax 6.6 l  och Mercedes 3 liters V6 är de enda V-dieselmotorerna som inte använder CGI i blocket. Alla de andra har det.

T. ex.

Audi och VW s 3 l V6 ( i hela VWs och Audis utbud. )

VM Motoris 3 l V6 ( Maserati,  RAM 1500 m fl )

Ford Dagenhamns 3 l V6, (Land Rover m fl)

VWs 4 l och 4.2 l V8 ( VWs och Audis större modeller)

Cummins 5 l V8, (Nissan Titan)


Svar ang Duramaxmotorn som står på Sintercasts hemsida

At present, there are only two V-diesel engines in the market that are not based on CGI cylinder blocks: the Mercedes 3.0L V6 (aluminium) and the General Motors 6.6L Duramax V8 (grey cast iron).  CGI has effectively become the standard material for V-diesel engine cylinder blocks.  SinterCast has consistently said that it is possible to produce a cylinder block in any material: grey iron, CGI or aluminium – the ultimate difference is in the size and the weight of the engine.  If the material is weaker, the walls of the cylinder block must be thicker to ensure durability.  This impacts size, weight, packaging and crash impact.  We believe that CGI provides the best overall solution for V-diesel engines.

Engine design is a complex science with many different factors determining performance and durability.  One of the specific features of the Duramax V8 is that the stroke is relatively short.  The stroke of the Duramax V8 is 3.95 inches (100 mm) while the stroke of the Ford Power Stroke V8 is 4.25 inches (108 mm).  The shorter stroke in the Duramax allows performance to be achieved through rpm and places less emphasis on increasing the combustion pressure.  As the combustion pressure is decreased, the mechanical load on the materials is also decreased.  The shorter stroke in the Duramax engine is therefore an influencing factor in the use of grey iron for the Duramax cylinder block.

The use of induction hardening is a common technology in metallurgy that can be applied to all types of cast irons and steels.  Induction hardening heats the surface of the iron for a few seconds and then allows the surface to cool.  This rapid heating and cooling increases the hardness on the surface of the material, to a depth of approximately 0.2 mm.  Induction hardening can be included as an extra step in the manufacturing process to improve wear resistance – it does not provide any strength benefits to the material or to the component.  Induction hardening is commonly used in the valve seats of grey iron cylinder heads to minimise valve seat wear, and for many other wear components.  In the absence of detailed information, it can be assumed that the induction hardening in the Duramax engine was applied in the ring reversal area at the top of the cylinder bores (a span of approximately 25 mm, approximately 25 mm below the top surface of the cylinder bores).  CGI is harder than grey iron and also has superior wear resistance (this also explains why the machining of CGI is more difficult than grey iron).  None of the current production CGI cylinder blocks require induction hardening.

SinterCast has a good rapport with the Duramax design team.  We wish them success with their new upgrade and welcome the opportunity to work together with them at some stage in the future.




Det kan komma redan om ett år.


Den gamla motorn ovan

nu kommer detta

L5P Silverado HD (All Cabs), Sierra HD (All Cabs) Y 6.6 DURAMAX 6.6L V8 Turbo OHV DI 103.0 x 99.0 16.0 445 hp ( 332 kW ) @ 2800* 910 lb-ft. ( 1234 Nm ) @ 1600* Moraine, OH



Duramax med 445 hkr slår alltså Ford på nosen med dess 440 hkr. Samma varvtal 2800 rpm på båda.

Fords Super Duty 6.7 l är visserligen värst med sina 925 lb/ft i vrid men det toppar vid 1800 rpm mot Duramaxens 1600 rpm.  Jämnt tycker jag. Trimningsfirmorna får mycket jobb för att maxa uttaget från båda. Det blir mycket intressant att ta del av de sista siffrorna , de om maxlast och max släpvikt. Det kommer snart.


Om Fords CGI-motor har gått från 390-440 hkr under fem år så bör den inte bli omsprungen av en gråjärnsmotor som går ifrån 397-445 hkr i ett enda tag. Allmänt så tyckte bedömare på nätet att den gamla gråjärnsmotorn hade nått ”vägs ände” under de 15 år den har funnits. Den gick från 300-397 hkr under de första 10 åren men har sedan stått stilla.  De uppgraderades 2007 till 365 hkr och fick alltså 32 hkr  mera vid senaste uppgradering 2011. Den nya uppgraderingen är på 48 hkr och alltså 50 % mera

Jag kommer att hålla denna sidan uppdaterad efterhand som det inkommer mera.


Stay tuned

Vi jämför en del motorer                 hkr      hkr /l    vridmoment lb/ft       vrid/l

Duramax 4500 i CGI                         310         69             520                     116

Nya Duramax 6.6 l                            445        67             910                     138

gamla Duramax 6.6 l                       397         60              765                    116

nya Ford PS 6,7 l  med CGI              440         66              925                   138

första PS 6,7 l med CGI år 2010     390           59            735                    110



Nya Duramax 6.6 l ligger 1,4 hkr/l under 4,5 l Duramax  och klart bättre i vridet men är jämnt med nya Powerstroke när det gäller både vrid och hkr. Analysera och tänk hur sannolikt det är att den nya Duramax 6.6 l kommer utan CGI i blocket? GM har genom Duramax 4,5 l visat att de kan det här med CGI. Om man tittar på Ford PS då den kom ut hade de inte ett så stort uttag men de har bättrat sig under åren som GMs Duramax har stått still.


artikel från april 2016


What Now?
My hope is that with Ram Trucks selling loads of 1500 EcoDiesel pickups and Ford apparently building a V-6 diesel version of the F-150, GM will pull the 4.5L Duramax V-8 out of mothballs and steal the show.”


Jämför även Duramax 4,5 och 6.6 beträffande luftintagen


The engine was to feature a unique, reversed exhaust/intake configuration that would feed fresh air to the engine from the outer side of the cylinder head while exhaust would exit from the engine valley side of the head directly into a centrally mounted turbocharger. As opposed to routing exhaust through long lengths of tubing before entering the turbine exit, this proposed concept greatly increases the efficiency of waste heat recovery through the turbocharger. The engine therefore did not have a traditional intake manifold system.



So far, GM has revealed a new two-path intake system for the L5P, allowing it to ingest greater quantities of air. We now know that extra air has been used to good effect.

Sammantaget verkar det alltså som om Duramaxen har kommit igång rejält i produktion. Det kommer att synas i Q3s siffror tror jag. Q4 blir det näst intill full produktion.



Annars gäller detta inte……………..





The new Duramax 6.6L represents a next-generation redesign, featuring an all-new, stronger cylinder block and rotating assembly



  • When towing 23,000 pounds, in 110-degree Fahrenheit ambient temperature, the Silverado climbs the Davis Dam grade 40 seconds quicker than the previous model (3500HD crew cab 2WD with DRW).

你好中國 Hello China OPOC-News



I asked EcoMotors what status they have on the OPOC production and I got this answer the 16 Sept 2016. It´s indicating that they will have the OPOC-engine in production before the end of 2016. Just three monts left. Is the long wait over for the shareholders of Ding ?


See http://guba.eastmoney.com/list,000887.html




技術:OPOC引擎是一個革命性的內燃機技術。 EM承認還有誰可能有互補的技術,其他發明家。然而,在這個時候我們沒有評估或驗證等技術為技術的協同作用的能力。


產品供貨和生產:2013年4月電力中鼎一在中國和EcoMotors公司最大的汽車零部件企業集團宣布了一項戰略合作協議(http://tiny.cc/em_zd),其中,中鼎將融資和建設的第一個OPOC製造工廠。該發動機OPOC生產,預計在2016年開始在這個時候,OPOC引擎不可購買。 EM的其他產品線,包括電控渦輪增壓器(ECT),加熱的燃油噴射系統,以及反向旋轉發生器(CRG)也還在開發中,並且不可購買。














The answer in Englich for those not fluent in Chinese………..


Thank you for your interest in EcoMotors.  Your inquiry has been received and will be reviewed by a member of our staff.  We hope the information below answers your questions.

Ownership Structure:  EM is a privately held company, funded by venture capital, therefore our stock is not available for public purchase and is not on any equity exchanges.

Status of Development/Applications:  The opoc engine is currently being developed for a variety of applications and fuels.  Our near-term focus is a diesel engine for use in off-highway applications.  The architecture also has applicability with gasoline as well as alternate fuels such as natural gas and methanol.  The opoc engine is suitable for various applications such as passenger cars, light-, medium- and heavy-duty trucks, construction, marine, and agriculture.  At this time we are highly focused on developing our commercial product and are unable to support other projects at this time.

Technology:  The opoc engine is a revolutionary internal combustion engine technology.  EM acknowledges there are other inventors who may have complementary technologies.  However, at this time we do not have the ability to evaluate or verify other technologies for technical synergies.

Specifications:  While we understand the desire for the technical specifications of the opoc engine—bore, stroke, displacement, volume, pressures, etc., we cannot divulge such information until the opoc engine goes into full production.  As the opoc engine moves closer to production, we will update the Technology section of the website (http://www.ecomotors.com/technology).

Product Availability and Production:  In April 2013 Zhongding Power—one of the largest automotive component conglomerates in China—and EcoMotors announced a strategic agreement (http://tiny.cc/em_zd) wherein Zhongding will finance and construct the first opoc manufacturing facility.  Production of the opoc engine is expected to begin in 2016.  At this time, the opoc engine is not available to purchase.  EM’s other product lines, including the Electrically Controlled Turbocharger (ECT), the Heated Fuel Injection System, and the Counter Rotating Generator (CRG) are also still in development and are not available to purchase.

Customer Base:  We are currently working with several large OEM’s in the United States, China and India.  At this time we are not yet structured to work with or sell to individuals.

Human Resources:  At EM we don’t just think outside the box, we build a better box.  If you have the technical skills and abilities to be part of our team please visit our Careers page (http://www.ecomotors.com/careers) for current available positions and come join our team that’s revolutionizing the future of the automobile.

You can keep up-to-date with all the latest news and continuing product development at www.ecomotors.com.

The EM Team





Kina Galaxy Securities Co, Ltd saknar trovärdighet eftersom de skriver att OPOC kommer i mitten av 2016. Det är NOVEMBER nu! Vakna upp!!


Sedan starten i febr 2013 så har fantastiska 254.300 besökare varit inne på någon av mina sidor.


Tack för all uppmuntran


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