MAN ökar

MAN Truck & Bus To Expand Marine Engine Line

Posted on June 6, 2014

MAN Truck & Bus revealed it will introduce a new vee-configuration 12-cylinder diesel engine for heavy-duty marine applications at the SMM show in September. The new D2862 LE441 marine diesel will be rated 735 kW (985 hp), which is a significant increase from the existing D28 engines, the company said.

The company said that through use of a single-stage wastegate turbocharger with charge-air intercooler and adapted valve timing, the engine’s mean pressure was increased and power output raised by 73 kW over the previous D28 engines. In addition, a common rail fuel injection system with EDC control allows for a pre-injection stage, which provides significant benefits in terms of vibration and noise emissions, MAN said.

Den har block i CGI

Engine design and materials

If break mean effictive pressures and ignition pressures are to be achieved, high-strength materials and a rigid engine block design are needed. The crankcases of the D20, D26 and D28 engine ranges are made of high-quality CGI-450 (compacted graphite iron). This material is much stronger than grey cast iron.