CGI-motor till flygplan

The engine is designed with extremely rugged technologies, like steel pistons and CGI iron crankcases that provide superior strength and durability over aluminum without sacrificing weight







Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) Cylinder Block



Grainger & Worrall

Grainger & Worrall

The casting of major engine parts like the blocks and cylinder heads will be done by the British firm Grainger & Worrall, which has 75 years experience, operates 6 foundries, employs 400 people, and is recognized worldwide for its castings development and innovations.

Tillägg den 17 dec 2015

Omtalad för att kunna ha potential att skapa en ny era inom flygmotorer, är Graflight-aerodieseln mer bränsleekonomisk än någon annan flygmotor på marknaden idag.

För mer information:

Mr Michael Fuchs  President/CEO Business Development Director President & CEO Engineered Propulsion Systems

Mr Edward Grainger  Grainger & Worral

Dr Steve Dawson SinterCast