Mycket CGI blir det

De nygamla CCI-motorerna från Motiv Engines i USA kommer nu med CGI i blocken

Clarke-Brayton Engine ett motorprojekt som kommit via Caterpillar där uppfinnaren John Clarke jobbade under 24 år.



MkII Clarke-Brayton Engine block just after being poured at the foundry
En fantastik kompression ……………56:1
Som en jämförelse har i snitt en bensinmotor 12:1 och en diesel 18:1 i kompression.
This architecture allows us to achieve a 56:1 compression ratio leading to a 30MPa peak
Our first block has been poured at the foundry – ACTech in Freiberg, Germany.  I was tempted to title this post as, “It LIVES!” We have been working on computer models of this complicated part for so long, to finally see a photograph of a real block made of compacted graphite iron instead of 1′s and 0′s is very very exciting.
Det var här det började Welocme to Motiv Engines!
Posted on August 7, 2009
Motiv Engines is a startup with the sole purpose of developing the Compact Compression Ignition (CCI) Engine into a product that will revolutionize transportation and power generation.

Hydraliska ventiler också med tryck som gör CGI till det enda valet för denna USA-firman

Ryan Hydraulic Service Inc.

The VG models are cast from compacted graphite, a high strength iron alloy that allows the
valve to be rated at 3500 psi