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BobCat is back. The new Sheriff in Town

Jag vill i detta läge påminna om ett inlägg från ett tag sedan. Det verkar som om Ford nu har tryckt på knappen för detta projekt.

Väntan är över

Terry Aldea, global executive, castings and forgings operations, Ford Motor Company, hinted during his presentation at the SinterCast AGM in 2013 that ”the waiting would soon be over” for a gasoline engine with a CGI block.

Terry Aldea sade även  vid minglet innan stämman 2013 till en av besökarna.

”The snowball is rolling faster and faster. Noone can stop it” 

Han visste han……….


Sneak Peek! Ford's

Ford said when developing the BobCat in 2008 that it would be a natural follow up from the Eco Boost
page 6
to be applied over a much broader number of vehicles.
DETTA mina vänner är just vad som håller på att ske. En mycket ökande användning av denna goda teknik. Man får ut kraft som ur en diesel men till priset av bensinteknik som är mycket billigare.
page 11
Compacted graphite iron block.
Det med CGI är en direkt förutsättning för att man skall kunna hantera de stora krafter som det här är tal om.
page 18
The EBS technology overlay being developed can be viewed as a further extension of the “EcoBoost strategy.”
En naturlig teknisk följd av den nuvarande EcoBoost tekniken.


I think that the current V6 petrol EcoBoost at 3,5 liter which is installed i F-150 will be first with CGI.
The Ford Cleveland Foundry is then the candidate for the installation next month. They have already a minisystem
which could have paved the way for the production in high volumes with the Plus system.
This BobCat-engine was sheduled to arrive in 2012 but was delayed and frozen during the finacial crisis in 2008

Also in June of ths year, this blogsite carried an item: ”Who will react first too VW’s CGI engine?” the item noted: Could Ford’s gasoline EcoBoost engine indeed be next in line to receive a CGI cylinder block? The Chihuahua Engine Plant could be one manufacturing location. And one month earlier, on 16 May 2013, this blog noted comments by Terry Aldea, global executive, castings and forgings operations, Ford Motor Company, hinted during his presentation at the SinterCast AGM that ”the waiting would soon be over” for a gasoline engine with a CGI block.



Tilläggi maj 2016

Det blev inte +411 hkr i denna motorn än. De valde istället att ha kvar det gamla blockmaterialet och slippa utgifter för bearbetningen av CGI. Synd. Den kommer rätt snart i CGI tror jag men det blev alltså inte denna gången

Mortimer har också en ny artikel om den nya motorn från Ford.



Ford Flex Fuel engine uses CGI block

According to sources in Brazil, Ford’s new Camaçari Engine Plant is producing a 1-litre three-cylinder TiVCT Flex Fuel engine, an entirely new family of three-cylinder engines with advanced technology for the compact car segment.
Sources report that the new ECOnetic Flex Fuel engine is using compacted graphite iron (CGI) material for the cylinder blocks. The CGI blocks are supplied by Tupy SA of Joinville, Brazil.

The new engine is the principal option for the new Ford Ka which has just been launched in Brazil and is now on sale in the country. Journalists who have driven the car have reported good impressions of the new engine.
A Ford development engineer associated with the new Flex Fuel engine however has confirmed the CGI cylinder blocks are supplied by Tupy.
Genom dess användning av flex-fuel en blandning av etanol och bensin kan rent dieselmässiga vridmoment uppnås. Detta kommer att bli stort.
Läs här om etanolinblandning

Using new direct injection engines, such as the upcoming 2.7l Ecoboost, one can achieve diesel-like  fuel efficiency at a fraction of the weight penalty (and cost!!!) of a conventional diesel engine.  The torque curve profile can be EXACTLY the same as a conventional common rail diesel making it handle in a very similar manner.  High BMEP is made possible through advanced metallurgy of modern engine blocks, heads, and pistons (example: compacted graphite iron).


Lyrisk långtidstest av RAM 1500 med dieselmotorn på 3 liter



The 2014 Ram Laramie EcoDiesel handled hauling duties with ease.

brilliant fuel economy

After travelling a little more than 4,000 kilometres, the average combined fuel economy clocked in at 9.3 L/100 km. The best highway economy was 8.2, though it was easy to consistently get 8.4. That, in a pickup, is spectacular. More importantly, the Ram Laramie month-long test left an indelible mark, the memory of which will be long enjoyed.

As noted throughout this test, the diesel’s acoustics are perfect. And, wow, is it quiet on the highway.

but the wisdom Chrysler displayed when it decided to make a 3.0-litre EcoDiesel available for the Ram 1500