MAN med sin miljömotor H 45



Supply of structural components for hydrogen powered vehicles

 Joinville, May 04, 2023–Tupy S.A. (“Company”, B3: TUPY3), informs its shareholders and the market in general that signed a contract for the exclusive supply of cylinder heads for an engine developed by MAN, used in trucks powered by hydrogen, the MAN H45.In addition to zero carbon emissions, the engine features a significant reduction in NOx compared to the diesel version, surpassing the requirements proposed in EURO VII, which is expected to come into effect in 2027 in Europe and establishes stricter emission standards.The hydrogen combustion engine is one of the zero emission alternatives considered by European legislation for the decarbonization of the transport sector. This propulsion solution will be adopted by the main manufacturers of heavy vehicles due to its reduced cost, high operational efficiency, tolerance to the use of hydrogen with a lower degree of purity and superior durability.———-

Denna motor uppges bygga på den tidigare D38-motorn och den har både block och topp i CGI. Alltså är det ett modifierat CGI block i den H45 som de kommer med nu. Detta är bara början på nollutsläppsmotorer med nygammal teknik.


The pre-development project of the H45 hydrogen combustion engine, which is based on the D38 diesel engine, also originated in Nuremberg. For testing and demonstration purposes, the H45 was integrated into a MAN TGX tractor unit. The topping-out ceremony for a new production hall was also celebrated here at the end of March 2023. (See news item: Production hall for new group engine is ready)

D38 pressure management system. Quickly looking at the lightweighting aspect, MAN has used high-strength GJV450 (cast iron with vermicular graphite) for the engine block and cylinder head