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Achates gjorde det. Kom just med en körbar truck som är kraftfull och drar bara 0,5 l/mil med diesel men den går även med bensin och då drar den 0,67 l/mil

Bildresultat för aramco achates                                              Bildresultat för aramco achates

Se på denna.


0,5 l /mil med diesel och 0.67 l/mil med bensin.

Det är Sintercast CGI i blocket. Det kommer att formligen explodera tror jag när det gått in i medvetandet hos de som designar bilar.

Varför inte ha en motor som är.

Mindre antal delar
Billigare att tillverka
Mer hkr /kg
Mycket renare än dagens förbränningsmotorer
Mycket lägre bränsleförbrukning ( 0.66-0.5 l per mil) beroende på val av bränsle

Hur skall olika OEMs kunna försvara inför sin kunder att INTE ha denna i sitt sortiment?


Den motorn kommer att rita om kartan hur man gör en motor . 0,67 l/ milen med bensin i en så tung bil. Den motor som vi ser i drift på filmen är en en diesel som drar 0,5 l /milen

Detta kommer att skaka om hela marknaden. Minns Steves ord vid NAIAS i januari iår

Vi gratulerar även Achates för sina fina framgångar med motkolvsmotorn i demonstrationspickupen. Vi är nöjda med att ha givit stöd till det initiala
utvecklingsarbetet hos Achates och vi ser fram emot att fortsätta att stödja deras marknadsutveckling.”


I en intervju i juni 2016 så sade Sintercast VD Dawson så här om CGI och dess utvecklingsmöjligheter

Q: What are the growt markets for CGI?

Dawson: ”Commercial vehichles and industrial power applications are obvious growt opportunitiies for CGI.”———-”We are also supporting the development of other small displacement diesel with 100 hp/l, and many of the new horizontal opposed-piston engines have specified CGI for the block and/or liner. ”


Det kommer ännu mera.

samtidigt kommer megaföretaget Eaton med en PR om leveransavtal av Achates insprutare




”And the fact that Eaton is a company that produces products in volume (it has 2017 sales of $20.4-billion) indicates that it probably sees quite a positive upside for this new engine technology.”

Man skriver vidare om denna lastbilsmotor

The OP Engine will power the CALSTART Class 8 commercial truck, which is expected by CALSTART to achieve a 90% reduction in NOx and a 15–20% fuel efficiency improvement.

Jag tror Achates motorer blir en riktig hit.

Denna lastbilsmotor verkar att vara på 10,6 liter 

California ARB awards $7M for ultra-low NOx heavy-duty diesel truck demo project with Achates opposed-piston engines

The California Air Resource Board (CARB) is awarding $7 million to CALSTART to develop a Class 8 truck that will achieve a 90% reduction in NOx along with a 15-20% fuel efficiency improvement. The project will build and install diesel-fueled two-stroke compression-ignition Achates Power Opposed-Piston Engines into Class 8 demonstration trucks that will be road ready in 2019 and operate in fleet service in California in 2020. (  det är om ett drygt  år)

California’s ultra-low NOx emissions standard is 0.02 grams per brake horsepower-hour (g/bhp/hr). This program will demonstrate the first diesel engine to comply with the state standard. In addition, the engine will emit 10% less CO2 than the 2027 federal greenhouse gas requirement.

The project is part of CARB’s Low Carbon Transportation and Fuels Investments and Air Quality Improvement Program. CALSTART will serve as the project grantee and administrator.

The project team, led by CALSTART, includes a heavy-duty truck manufacturer as well as Achates Power and leading suppliers in the powertrain and emissions industry. California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District, the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District and the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District also are investing in the project.

Achates Power, founded in 2004, currently has a number of development projects underway spanning a variety of applications of its opposed-piston engine architecture, from light-to-heavy duty.

At the 2018 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in January, Achates Power and new development parter Aramco Services (earlier post) showcased a Ford F-150 fitted with a 3-cylinder, 2.7-liter Opposed-Piston Gasoline Compression Ignition (OPGCI) engine. (Earlier post.)

In 2017, engineers from Achates presented a paper (2017-01-0638) at the SAE World Congress (WCX 17) describing the development of a 55% brake thermal efficiency (BTE) commercial heavy-duty opposed-piston engine without the use of a waste heat recovery system or turbocompounding.

The two-stroke OP engine described therein employed currently available engine components, such as supercharger, turbocharger and after-treatment and featured a uniquely designed piston bowl shape to enhance mixing with a swirl-to-tumble conversion as the piston bowls approach minimum volume. This design improved fuel-air mixing and hence resulted in low soot values, increased indicated thermal efficiency (ITE)—due to better combustion phasing because of faster mixing controlled combustion—and lower NOx because of improved area-to-volume ratio and lower fueling requirement per cycle.

An optimized system included a high trapped compression ratio piston bowl, ports designed to provide best scavenging performance, thermal barrier coating on piston bowls and dual injector with an optimized spray pattern layout.

The Achates engine model destined for the Class 8 demonstration is related to the 9.8-liter unit, but with modifications, said David Johnson, Achates CEO. For one, it’s a bit bigger: 10.6 liters.

We’re aiming at the heart of the Class 8 market. The engine will deliver 450 hp and all the necessary torque, along with the ultra-low NOx.

—Dave Johnson

Nytt i nov 2018

Tyson Foods kommer att testa en sådan lastbilsmotor ute i skarp trafik under ett drygt år med början om ett par månader tidigt 2019.


Mitt i marknadens hjärta alltså.

Bildresultat för hjärta symbol

With the reduction in steady-state engine-out NOx from the engine, meeting the ultra-low NOx specification is really a problem of cold starts, Johnson said; i.e., warming up the aftertreatment catalyst quickly.

Achates determined in earlier work that it could run in a “catalyst light-off mode”, creating the heat required to bring the aftertreatment fully online while running the engine in a relatively clean condition.

With low engine-out NOx and high enthalpy going to the aftertreatment system, we believe that we are able to reduce the aftertreatment warmup from 600 seconds to less than 300 seconds. That will enable us to meet ultra-low NOxtailpipe standards. We also deliver a significant fuel economy improvement.

—Dave Johnson

Achates engineers will be presenting a new paper at World Congress this year describing more about this approach, and presenting test data.


År det något på gång?


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Lastbilar också. Från hemsidan

Recent steps by Tyson Foods, ranked  No. 47, illustrate that green commitment. The company is in the middle of a pilot program with San Diego-based Achates Power. Tyson is testing Achates’ power opposed-posting engine, which has shown a 90% reduction in nitrous oxide and 15% savings on fuel costs. The program is projected to extend into the second quarter of 2020.

NYTT 17 dec 2020

Nu kom det nyheter om att de har lyckats uppnå miljömålen för Californien 2027 redan

En färdig lastbil


Advocates for the technology claim it is a simpler design that can deliver as much as a 30% improvement in fuel economy over conventional diesel engine configurations.

Furthermore, the company said, the 10.6L was measured at more than 8% below the current standard of 460g CO2, exceeding the 2027 EPA regulations of 432g of CO2 over the Supplemental Emissions Test cycle. These results were achieved with a conventional, underfloor-only, single diesel exhaust fluid injection aftertreatment system, which makes the whole powertrain system less complex and less expensive, and reduces the risk of non-compliance with emissions regulations, according to Achates.

Cummins har redan ett samarbete med en större OPOC-motor för militära tanks tillsammans med Achates. Tänk om de beslutar sig för att satsa på denna truckmotorn de som har 38 % av alla tunga Class 8 trucks i USA?