Jämförelse mellan de nya CGI-motorerna i RAM 1500 och Ford F-150


The 2015 Ford F-150 2.7L EcoBoost and the 2015 Ram1500 EcoDiesel are two new American pick up trucks that compete for the most fuel efficient truck award. But they do so in two very different ways. The Ford has a small displacement turbo with a new lightweight aluminum body while the Ram stuff’s the only turbo diesel engine in the light duty segment under the hood. So which one is the truck to buy? Find out by watching this Mashup review and 0-60 MPH test.



Rätt bra för Sintercast. Oavsett vilken man väljer så trillar intäkterna in på sista raden hos Sintercast


Someone wrote” They both employ small displacement ”Eco” turbocharged engines, but similarities end there.”

WRONG…. BOTH have an engine block made of CGI ( compacted graphite iron)  from the foundry Tupy. Both  are bullet proof. The Swedish company Sintercast is providing Tupy with the high tech for this CGI.