Cummins på gång med flera CGI-block?

Bild på Cummins QSK95 som har Sintercast CGI i topparna

it’s certainly a possibility. ”

When asked by SAE Magazines if the CGI block would be used in other Cummins applications, Katzenmeyer said it’s certainly a possibility. “It’s a choice of does it make sense for a particular engine or for a particular market because it does have other attributes, such as the material being a little harder to machine. We have to understand all the trade-offs to evaluate for other projects.
Kolla utvecklingstiden för deras nya CGI-motor ISV5.0 
13 år. Det är en trög bransch. 
De har redan TVÅ modeller med CGI
Dels den kända ISV5.0 i blocket och dels den mer okända värstingen
QSK 95 i toppen som omnämndes i rapporten
Series production of CGI for industrial power applications also contributed to the positive 3Q results for SinterCast, up 40% versus 2014. “This growth was primarily derived from the continued increase of the General Electric locomotive cylinder head,” according to the release, “and also benefitted from the start of production of the new Cummins QSK95 industrial power engine during the quarter.”
den är stor
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