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Ford kommer med en ny motor i maj 2019

NYTT den 14 oktober 2018



Det verkar alltså som om denna motorn liksom föregångaren kommer i dels Super Duty F-series och sedan i en trimmad version i hela högprestandasegmentet. Det räcker inte med tunga trucks för att få lönsamhet och volymer. Det talas både om en 7.0 liters och 7.3 liters men det tror jag bara är rykten och när den kommer så småningom så är det en version. Jag tror på 7.3.

Den har arbetsnamnet Godzilla

Maxim said he expected Ford to produce about 125,000 units of the new engine per year, starting in 2019.

Vad är det då för motor?

Det är i första hand en motor för HD trucks såsom F series 250-400 men även för Raptor


Raptor Rumored To Receive 7X Engine, But What About Mustang?



Nu kommer det intressanta. Det går starka rykten om att de skall ha stötstänger och alltså inte överliggande kamaxlar och det bästa , Att den skall ha CGI i blocket


As for the block, word is that it will be traditional grey iron or possibly Compacted Graphite Iron(”CGI”). The 6.2L and the 6.8L both use standard iron block, which have the benefit of being fairly cheap while still being very tough. Also, with the introduction of the FRPP Boss 302 and 351 engine blocks Ford showed that they know how to cast a modern, strong, and economical iron pushrod block. Conversely, Ford’s use of CGI has been growing over the past several years. Both the 6.7L Powerstroke and the 2.7L EcoBoost feature CGI blocks. It’s not out of the realm of possibility for Ford to cast this new 7.3L block in strong, light-weight, CGI.



Jag vet att detta bara är ett rykte men allt föregås av rykten. Jag kommer att uppdatera sidan när ny info kommer

Det talas om nya toppmoderna bearbetningslinjer

Savoni said the block and rod line should arrive in March and by July the crank line, head line and assembly line will be in place. Computer numerical control (CNC) equipment — highly automated machine tools — will be used to build the engines.

Ford plant in Windsor being transformed to build new engine


Den första motorn rullar av bandet i slutet av 2018

Engines should be coming off the line by the end of the year, but those will likely be put in test vehicles, he said.

Mera rykten och spekulationer



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It will be pushrod .. Cgi block and iron head.. Ten speed transmission.. Possibly to include dual fuel injection like on the 5.0 to help mpg… But once again this is to replace the 6.8 not the 6.2..6.2 will remain the base for fleets . But this will cost a few hundred in the f-250-350 ..


I’ve been told cgi block and iron heads . Now I don’t know if that will be cgi . But yea


CGI is a great block material. It is light and strong but does cost more. Iron works well but is heavy. I guess I could not count out CGI because Ford does look for weight savings so this could help offset the weight to keep payload and towing numbers up. I think it is great Ford is doing a big CC engine again.


CGI would be ideal. I was surprised that the newest Duramax block was not done in CGI-I guess GM is watching their pennies. Perhpas they are saving some potential for more power while saving money with CI in the meantime.

I would have put money on CGI too. But the 6.6L block does seem pretty stout

Snart vet vi. 125.000 tunga block kan vara i CGI. Det dänger till i Sintercasts kassa i så fall. Inom ett år. Eller bara 8 månader.